Document legalization services are gradually becoming a specialized branch in the service industry. We ensure that you no longer are required to do the running around to get your documents certified by appropriate authorities. ND Universal pvt ltd offers exclusive, reliable and expedite embassy legalization and attestation services for a variety of personal and commercial purposes.

We work closely with the government offices such as – MHRD, and MEA (Ministry of External affairs) and foreign embassies, to offer attestation services for documents issued by India Certificate Attestation as well as Apostille on certificates from Foreign Ministry of India.

Document legalization nowadays is a very common practice for all international dealings. Whether you are seeking admission in foreign universities or trying to sign a business deal you must produce authenticated documents to prove your claim. Thorough knowledge of the process and years of experience have made us one of the premier document authentications and attestation services providers in the country.

Our professionals are aware of the detailed procedure of attestation to ensure that right process is followed in authenticating documents by the standard of the country where you intend to present it.

We offer comprehensive, customized solution as per your requirements and urgency. We constantly strive to achieve highest degree of precision and timeliness in delivering quality document attestation consultation. ND Universal pvt ltd has made a complex process easier be delivering quality service. You are no longer required to be present physically for getting the documents attested. We ensure that all documents are delivered at your doorstep by reliable courier service.

We cover both personal and commercial documents under attestation services. Attestation of educational certificates is essential to apply for admission in any foreign country, business purpose or to apply for a job position in a foreign location. We offer attestation services to educational and non-educational documents from Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Home Department as well as local authorities.

We receive documents from all parts of the country through regular posts and couriers. In-person collection services are also offered to local clients. As a sincere service provider we put our client’s interests before us and initiate the process keeping his urgency in mind. We have craved ourselves a niche in the market by constantly delivering quality services to our clients. For any further consultation and queries contact us or mail us your requirements.